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Academic Honor Council

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Academic Honor Council


The Academic Honor Council (AHC) at Eckerd College exists to establish processes to ensure that everyone in the Eckerd College community (i.e. Students, Faculty, and Staff) share a common understanding of Eckerd College's Academic Honor Policy.


  1. The AHC will establish programs to make visible the importance of academic honesty at the college and to aid in the socialization of these values.
  2. The AHC will provide leadership and educational programming designed to foster academic integrity.
  3. The AHC will establish and maintain transparent and fair processes for hearing cases of academic dishonesty. The Honor Council will write and implement policies concerning gathering evidence, hearing testimony, evaluating evidence, making reasoned, fair, and consistent judgments, and imposing sanctions in cases of academic dishonesty.
  4. Student leadership will play a central role in fulfilling all of the above.

Academic Honor Code

Cheating and plagiarism are offenses that strike at the heart of the academic community and are strictly prohibited as set forth by the Eckerd College Honor Code:
"On my honor, as an Eckerd College student, I pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal nor to tolerate these behaviors in others."

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is abiding by the Eckerd College honor code. The most common classroom forms of violating the honor code are cheating and plagiarism. Cheating includes obtaining information illegitimately, giving others information illegitimately, or acting as an accomplice in a cheating situation. Plagiarism is intentionally representing someone else's work as one's own. Any misrepresentation of a student's academic work may be considered academic dishonesty.

AHC Members


Carly Youssouf
Amanda Culp
Kimberly Fitzpatrick
Isaac Anderson
Mara Shingleton
Kim Anderson
Sarah Levine
Rosie Kraemer-Dahlin
Kira Tangney
Dustin Smith
Sarintha Bell
Ben Bostick
Janice Garren

Student Coordinators

Karah Niemann
Kaitlyn Lantz
Mariana Vainstein-Elias


Alexis E. Ramsey-Tobienne, Chair
Bill Kelly
Yolanda Molina Gavilin
Adam Guerin
Morris Shapiro
Jamie Gill