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The major in Film Studies offers an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the study of moving images. Through a wide range of courses and activities, offered by core faculty in Film Studies and faculty from multiple disciplines, students will gain both an understanding of the history and theory of film and an appreciation of cinema as a medium for the expression of ideas and of culture. All majors will learn to interpret and analyze film from a number of perspectives and will be introduced to the techniques of filmmaking. In addition, they will take courses that encourage them to consider the subject matter of several fields of study - such as philosophy, religion, history, literature, languages, and area studies - from the perspective of film. Majors and minors will be required to take core courses in film analysis, film history, film theory, and film production that consider the nature of film and its relationship to shaping perspectives on other disciplines and on the world and will have the flexibility to design, in consultation with their mentors, a major or minor that focuses on their particular passions and interests.

Film Studies is an excellent field for those who wish to pursue careers in film, television, radio, web-based media, or other arts; who wish to pursue graduate studies in the humanities or the arts; or who wish to pursue other careers that require creativity, intelligence and adaptability, and the ability to think, write, and collaborate effectively about moving images and texts in general.

The Film Studies major consists of a minimum of ten courses, including three core courses, four required courses, two electives, and a capstone seminar. The major requirements (10 courses) are as follows:

Core courses (3):

  • Introductory course: FI 200 Elements of Film
  • History course: FI 224G International Cinema or AM 310H American Cinema
  • Theory and Criticism course: FI 306H Theories of Film or PL 246H Aesthetics

Genre, auteur, or topics in Film Studies course (1):

  • FI 204A The Horror Film
  • FI 206H Film Genres (May be repeated with different genres)
  • Other courses as approved by the discipline coordinator

Film production course (1):

  • CS 170A Videographics
  • CW 336A Writing Workshop: Screenwriting
  • AR 348 Experimental Film and Video
  • IA 301 The Documentary

Interdisciplinary courses (2):

  • AM 319E Environmental Film Colloquium
  • CN 228G Chinese Martial Arts in Literature and Film
  • CN 302H East Meets West: Chinese Cinema
  • FR 250/FR 450 French Cinema
  • FR 307H Literature and Film in Postwar France
  • IT 306H Italian Film and Literature
  • LI 314G Caribbean Literature and Film
  • PL 246H Philosophy and Film
  • RE 220H Bible and Culture: American Film
  • RE 345H Jesus in Ancient and Modern Media
  • RU 282G Russian Society through Cinema
  • SP 308H Film and Literature: Spanish Civil War
  • SP 309H Film and Literature: Hispanics in the U.S.
  • SP 310H Literature, Film and Art: Lorca, Bunuel, Dali
  • SP 312H Latin American Culture in Film
  • Winter Term offerings as approved by the discipline coordinator

Electives (2) with one at the 300 or 400 level):

  • History, Production, Genre/Auteur/Topics or Interdisciplinary courses not taken to satisfy the requirement above.

Capstone Seminar (1):

  • FI 498 Methods and Issues in Film Studies

The Film Studies minor draws upon the wide range of film-related activities and resources available at Eckerd College, provides a strong complement to several major fields of study in the humanities and the arts, and offers an excellent opportunity for majors in the natural and social sciences to complement their focus with studies that emphasize creativity, interpretation and humanistic studies. It requires six courses, including two core courses, one genre/auteur/topics in Film Studies course, one interdisciplinary course, and two electives, developed in consultation with mentors and subject to approval by the Film Studies discipline coordinator. The minor requirements are as follows:

Core courses (2):

  • Introductory course: FI 200 Elements of Film
  • History course: FI 224G International Cinema or AM 310H American Cinema

Genre, auteur, or topics in Film Studies course (1):
See list above.

Interdisciplinary courses (1):
See list above.

Electives (2):

  • History, Production, Genre/Auteur/Topics or Interdisciplinary courses not taken to satisfy the requirement above.

FI 200: Elements of Film
View, analyze, and evaluate great cinema. Study film as an artistic form, its history, typology, technology and symbology.

FI 204A: The Horror Film
This course will explore the horror film, including its mythological and literary roots. We will view a wide range of films analyzing specific sub-genres of horror as well as cultural, historical, and psychological angles.

FI 206H: Film Genres
Focus on a traditional genre (such as comedy or the Western) in order to investigate how classification is understood in both film production and reception. May be repeated for credit, with different genres. Prerequisite: FI 200.

FI 224G: International Cinema: The World through Film
Study the diversity of world cinema (including non-traditional American cinema) and expand your own awareness and concern for peoples with different attitudes and background.

FI 306H: Theories of Film
Critical analysis of key texts and relevant films, both historical and contemporary. Topics include the relevance of genre and nationality, film history, film spectatorship, psychoanalysis, feminist film theory, and cognitive film theory. Prerequisite: CM 302A.

FI 308H: Hitchcock: Master of Suspense
This course examines the career and legacy of director Alfred Hitchcock, the "Master of Suspense," as an auteur, film theorist, and provocateur who understood film as the premiere modern medium to terrify audiences.

FI 331H: Special topics

FI 498: Methods and Issues in Film Studies
This seminar prepares majors to do original academic research and, in some cases, creative work for their senior projects. Prerequisites: FI 200, FI 224G or AM 310H, and FI 306H.

FI 499: Senior Project

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