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The Eckerd College London Study Centre is a centrally located 225-year-old Georgian row house. The program is led by a different Eckerd College faculty member each semester, who lives at the centre with the students.

AHI 221A Art History: British Painting 1760-1960
Hogarth, Reynolds, Stubbs and Turner studied in depth. Collections of George III, Sir John Soane, Duke of Wellington and other connoisseurs of the period discussed. Visits to museums and galleries.

INI 389G British Seminar
Required for students in the London term. The historical, institutional and contemporary issues of Britain, with particular attention to London. Visit experts in various fields, excursions and readings to develop an understanding of Britain today.

LII 126H London in Literature
A study of major authors who incorporate London into their works, such as Shakespeare, Dr. Johnson, Dickens, Blake, Conrad and T.S. Eliot. Readings supplemented by films, possibly a play, and walks in associated areas of London.

POI 301S Introduction to Contemporary British Politics
Provides an understanding of British political institutions and insight into the main political debates facing Britain, including the media, the conflict in Northern Ireland and issues of race and gender. Discuss current political developments as they happen.

THI 365A Theatre in London
London theatre, including backstage tours and guest lectures, covering drama from classical to modern. For students with a general interest in theatre, of whatever major.


Eckerd College cooperates with several institutions and agencies to provide students with opportunities in other overseas locations.

In addition to its semester offerings in London, Eckerd College regularly sponsors semester programs at its Latin America Study Center and at Xiamen University in China.

The Latin America Study Center focuses on the Andean Region of South America at a site of the faculty director's choosing.

At the China Study Center students enroll in a Chinese language course and courses in the areas of history, religion and culture, and economics.

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)
Opportunities to study overseas for a semester or year at over 100 institutions throughout the world. Fees are aid to Eckerd College, and all scholarships, loans and grants, with the exception of work study, apply as if on campus.

Semester at the University of La Rochelle. Courses taught in French in a variety of disciplines. Summer, semester and academic year programs in Aix-en-Provence and Avignon through the Institute for American Universities. Instruction in English and French in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

Hong Kong
Semester at Hong Kong Baptist University. Full range of courses. All majors. Instruction in English. No language prerequisite.

Full-year or semester exchange opportunities at Kansai Gaidai (Osaka) or Nanzan University (Nagoya). Instruction in English. Focus on Japanese and Asian area studies.

Semester or full-year at Ewha Womans University (Soeul). Wide range of courses. Instruction in English. No language prerequisite.

Full-year exchanges with the University of Plymouth, England. Opportunities especially for science, computer science, and social science majors.

Semester, year-long and short term programs at the universities in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. This program is designed to assist students with admissions, accommodation arrangements, and travel opportunities.

Arcadia University
Summer, semester and year-long programs in 13 courtries ina wide variety of disciplines. Some sites offer intensive language instruction.

Butler University
Summer, semester, and full year programs in 15 countries in a wide variety of disciplines. Some sites offer intensive language instruction.

CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)
Summer, semester, and full year programs in 30 countries in a wide variety of disciplines: Some sites offer intensive language instruction.

ICADS (Institute for Central American Development Studies)
Semester program in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Belize for students concerned about social change and justice issues. Combines academic programs with opportunities for community projects and research. Academic foci: human rights, women's issues, environmental studies, agriculture, public health, education, wildlife conservation, and economic development. Two semesters of college Spanish recommended.

International Partnership for Service Learning
Semester, full-year or summer programs that integrate academic study and community service in the Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, India, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, the Philippines, Scotland, and South Dakota (with native Americans). Disciplines include history, political science, language, literature, sociology, economics and anthropology. Service opportunities include: teaching/tutoring; working in health care with the physically or emotionally handicapped, recreation, and community development projects.

Sea Semester
Semester program for students combining the worlds of science and the humanities with a unique experience at sea. Courses include maritime studies (history, literature, contemporary issues), nautical science (sailing theory, navigation, ship's systems), and oceanography (marine biology, physical and chemical oceanography). No sailing experience is necessary. Junior standing recommended.

Marine Language Scholarship Exchange with University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, and University of La Rochelle, France
Courses in marine science and biology are taught in French or Spanish.

Information on all of the above is available for the International Education Office and Off-Campus Programs.

IAU 999: Institute for American Univ Co

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