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The minor in Japanese requires a total of five courses which must include the two-year language sequence (JA 101/102, JA 201/202) or their equivalents. The fifth course should be chosen from among the following:

  • AH 221A Arts of Japan: Jomon to Anime
  • EA 204G Japanese Popular Culture
  • EA 311G Modern Japan
  • HD 350G Contemporary Japanese Families
  • JA 207G Japanese Culture: Supernatural
  • JA 307G Modern Japanese Literature: Self & Society
  • PO 333 Japan: Government, Politics, and Foreign Policy
  • WT Winter Term in Japan

Minors who transfer credit (from the U.S. or abroad) are required to take at least one advanced course in Japanese at Eckerd.

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JA 101: Elementary Japanese I
Introduction to modern spoken Japanese through aural-oral drills and exercises, and mastery of the basic grammatical structures. Students learn written forms, perform basic communicative acts, and utilize proper social registers.

JA 102: Elementary Japanese II
Continuation of introductory basic Japanese with emphasis on the spoken language. The Japanese writing system will also be continued. Prerequisite: JA 101.

JA 201: Intermediate Japanese I
Further development of communicative skills with emphasis on speaking through in-class performance. Prerequisite: JA 102.

JA 202: Intermediate Japanese II
Continuation of Intermediate Japanese I. Prerequisite: JA 201.

JA 207G: Japanese Culture: Supernatural
A study of the supernatural elements that have long fascinated the Japanese, this course examines the changes seen over the years and the relationship between representations of the supernatural and national/individual identity.

JA 210G: Japanese Literature: Love and Revenge
Survey course on modern and contemporary Japanese literature that focuses on the themes of love and revenge in literary works to see if preconceived notions of Japanese expressions of emotions will be reaffirmed or rejected.

JA 270E: Japanese Literature: Embracing Nature
In this course, we will study the vital role that nature has played in Japanese literature since its beginnings in the 8th century. Our study will include a variety of works from different time periods that not only celebrate nature but that also give attention to important environmental issues within a local and global context.

JA 301H: Advanced Japanese
Further development of the four basic language skills with emphasis on advanced sentence patterns and increased kanji vocabulary. Prerequisites: JA 202 or equivalent.

JA 302H: Advanced Japanese II
Continuation of Advanced Japanese I (JA 301H). Prerequisite: JA 301H.

JA 307G: Modern Japanese Literature: Self & Society
A study of Japan's modern masters of prose with a focus on how writers address the concept of "self" in a group-oriented society. Works that deal with the issue of what it means to be Japanese in the modern world. Taught in English translation.

JA 401: Advanced Readings in Japanese
Practical use of acquired language skills and further development of kanji vocabulary by reading, discussing, and writing about essays and stories by contemporary Japanese writers. Prerequisite: JA 302H.

JA 402: Readings in Japanese
Continuation of JA 401 Advanced Readings in Japanese. Prerequisite: JA 401.

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