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The Latin American Studies minor offers an introduction to the history, societies, politics, language, literature and cultures of Latin America. The minor in Latin American Studies is interdisciplinary and draws from the humanities and the social sciences. It is designed to complement all majors at the College by adding an international dimension.

The Latin American Studies minor consists of one core course, two courses in Spanish and three electives. The core course is Latin American Area Studies (AN 285G). Two courses in Spanish starting at the student's incoming level of language proficiency are required. Native speakers must take two Spanish classes at the 300 or 400 level. The three electives must be chosen from at least two of the following fields of study:

AN 212G: Mesoamerican Civilizations
AN 287G: Caribbean Area Studies

History/Political Science
HI 371H: History of Latin America
PO 211G: Inter-American Relations
PO 311G: Latin American Politics

LI 314G: Caribbean Literature and Film
WT: Science fiction from Latin America and Spain

Available to students with advanced level of proficiency or native speakers:
SP 301H: History and Culture of the Hispanic World
SP 305H: Dictators and Revolution in Latin America
SP 312H: Latin American Culture in Film
SP 408: Latin American Literature: Reinventing Fiction
SP 407: Hispanic Women Writers
SP 409 Latin America: Human Rights Literature
SP 412: Cuban Literature

Two Winter Term courses may be counted towards the LAS minor: one Winter Term project with a major focus on Latin America offered on or off campus and one Eckerd faculty-led Spanish language intensive course. The language intensive winter term course must count as one of the required semesters of language study. Students majoring in Spanish may only count two of the upper level language classes taken for that major towards the Latin American Studies minor.

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