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The minor in Sociology consists of SO 101S Introduction to Sociology and any four courses with the prefix SO.

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SO 101S: Introduction to Sociology
An introduction to the principles and methods of sociology, as well as important research findings.

SO 160M: Statistical Methods
Introduction to quantitative techniques for data analysis in the social sciences. Univariate description, bivariate description, and statistical inference.

SO 210: Social Stratification
Inequality in the distribution of wealth, power, and status within a social system, including the effects of ethnicity, race, gender, occupational and wage hierarchies. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 220: The City
In this course we will look at why people live in cities, how cities grow and change, how individual cities are tied to global structures, and how cities impact the way we live. Prerequisites: SO 101S.

SO 221: Juvenile Delinquency
Analyzing juvenile delinquency through examination of the collective nature of human behavior, the function of values and normative patterns, and social conflict over values and resources. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 224S: Criminology
The causes and consequences of crime, the historical transition of ideas about crime, types of crime such as street level, organized, corporate, government; the measurement of crime and criminal deterrence.

SO 234: Self and Society
Survey of classical and contemporary analyses of relationship between human self-consciousness and socialization. Each person is unique, but each person's sense of self is shaped by social interaction and culture. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 235: Deviance
A survey of sociological research on deviance, with an emphasis on an interactionist perspective. Deviance is understood as interaction between those doing something and those who feel offended or threatened by what they are doing. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 260: Qualitative Methods
Research practicum on the observation and analysis of human behavior. Hands-on experience with field research methods and ethnographic inquiry. Each student conducts a research project. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 269: Sociology of Art
Art is an element of the social community, an aspect of culture, with many groups defining "art." The local community will guide our understanding of the meaning of art, artists and the art world.

SO 280G: Time and Temporal Systems
This course concerns the study of time and temporal systems in various societies. Students learn to view their own temporal traditions and assumptions in the larger context of the world's diversity.

SO 320: Theories of Society
Concepts, approaches, and orientations that have played a part in shaping the nature of sociology, and ideas during the 19th and 20th centuries as sociology matured. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 324S: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Police, courts and corrections, criminal law, public attitudes toward crime, discretionary power of police, capital punishment, adjustments after prison release.

SO 326: Family and Contemporary Society
Family roles such as children, men, women, spouses, parents, kin examined. Ways in which family and work life interact. Dynamic changes in American family structure and the modern family. Prerequisite: SO 101S.

SO 335: Social Interaction
The study of face-to-face behavior in public places with emphasis on gender and race in urban settings. The nature of deference and demeanor, embarrassment, harassment, rules governing involvement, normal appearances, and role distance. Prerequisite: SO 234 or SO 235.

SO 360: Research Design
The techniques and application of social science research, critical evaluation of research evidence, designing and administering a group survey project. Prerequisite: SO 160M

SO 404: Crime, Justice and Ethics
Apply ethical theories to analyze criminal justice conduct. Due process in law enforcement, tension between truth and loyalty, exercise of discretionary power, use of force, justification for punishment. Prerequisites: SO 221 or SO 324S.

SO 420: Sociology of Culture
This course will examine theories of the production and uses of culture. We will go on to consider how culture impacts social stratification, race relations, arts and media production and reception, and sexuality. Prequisite: SO101S.

SO 435: Social Construction of Reality
The processes whereby "society" is manufactured such that it becomes a force external to the dynamics which produced it. Primary frameworks, the anchoring of activity, legitimation, internalization, selective attention, typification. Prerequisite: SO 234 or SO 235.

SO 498: Comprehensive Examination

SO 499: Senior Thesis

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