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General Education

General Education

General Education

The Philosophy of General Education at Eckerd College

A four-year, interdisciplinary, values-oriented general education program has been the centerpiece of a liberal arts education at Eckerd College since the first students enrolled in 1960. General education will provide you with the ideas and methods of inquiry that the College and the scholarly community believe are common to well-educated persons. The central objective of the general education curriculum is to help you consider the many and varied ways of knowing, creating, and assessing meaning and value, and the ways in which these are connected with one another. Our program is designed to foster your intellectual curiosity; to introduce you to a broad but coherent study of the methodologies, important texts, and theories of the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences; and to help you develop the ability to think and communicate clearly about a wide range of classical and contemporary issues. Eckerd's general education program is thus intentionally wide ranging, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural, modeling the broadest possible reach of the liberal arts, transcending any particular course of study, in order to provide you with the skills necessary for critical reflection, complex, thoughtful decision making, and lifelong learning. The College's goal is for you to develop what the noted American philosopher Martha Nussbaum, in Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education, calls a "narrative imagination," the ability to try to understand what it might be like to experience life from a position other than one's own.

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