Mathematics at Eckerd College

The best way to describe the mathematics program at Eckerd College is through the use of the word 'flexible.'  Every semester we offer a variety of courses in both pure and applied mathematics and many of our courses are sequenced so that the knowledge gained in one reinforces the learning in another. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in your studies because you will be the one who will choose whether to emphasize the theoretical, the applied or a combination of both. At Eckerd, each student majoring in mathematics has a truly unique graduation plan.

Because our major is not prescriptive (essentially any eight upper-division math courses), you will also find that there is ample room in your schedule to double-major with another field: biology, physics, computer science, economics, psychology, visual art, marine science, and creative writing have all been popular choices these last few years.

Most mathematics majors take no more than two math courses a semester and a typical four-year plan is:

First Year

  • Fall Semester - Calculus I
  • Spring Semester - Calculus II

Second Year

  • Fall Semester - Calculus III
  • Spring Semester - Differential Equations

Third Year

  • Fall Semester - Two math courses + Math Seminar
  • Spring Semester - Two math courses + Math Seminar

Fourth Year

  • Fall Semester - Two math courses + Math Seminar
  • Spring Semester - Two math courses + Math Seminar

Our Graduates

Many of our graduates go on to graduate school at such institutions as MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Duke, UCLA, Vanderbilt and more. Click here for a list of just a few of these institutions.

Mathematical Association of America

Mathematical Association of America Logo

The department maintains an active student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. This affiliation allows us to provide our majors and minors with a complimentary membership in the MAA and free electronic copies of all MAA journals. See Resources for our Students for more information.