You’ve been admitted to Eckerd College

What should you do next?

In order for you to receive your F-1 student visa for study in the United States, you must demonstrate proof of financial support for your studies. Your I-20 will not be issued until you are able to provide this information.

What do you need?

  1. Statement of Financial Responsibility and I-20 Form – this form must be submitted to us for I-20 processing. You cannot submit the College Board or any other form in place of this.
  2. Supporting documents demonstrating financial status. There are two options:
    1. A bank statement from your or your parents’ bank with the amount available listed. If this is in another language or a denomination other than USD, please make sure the type of currency reported is clear on the statement.
    2. A letter from the bank on bank letterhead indicating the amount your family has available to support your education.

Once we have received the Statement of Financial Responsibility and I-20 Form as well as your supporting bank documents, we will review your documents to ensure we can issue you an I-20. After this is confirmed, you are able to submit your enrollment deposit when you decide to enroll at Eckerd College. This enrollment deposit of $400 confirms your position in the incoming class, and we will then issue the I-20 necessary for your studies. You will receive further communication about the I-20 and scheduling your Embassy appointment soon after.

Why is cost on my I-20 and the listed cost of attendance different?

You must show your ability to cover all expenses paid to the institution you plan to attend as well as any incidental expenses. The I-20 cost includes what we estimate you will need for one year of study at Eckerd beyond the tuition, fees, room and board paid directly to the institution. The listed cost on your I-20 will be approximately $5,000 more than the cost of attendance.

Why do I need to do this?

When you make your appointment at the US Embassy, you will be asked to demonstrate that you can support yourself for one year at the institution you plan to attend. Your I-20 form will indicate any scholarships Eckerd has offered you, but you must be able to show that you and your family can provide the remainder of the funds needed.

If you have any questions about these next steps, please contact the Coordinator of International Admission, Dilek Aksu.

Accepted? Congrats!

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