U-Haul Car Share

How it Works

U-Haul Car Share1. JOIN: sign up at www.uhaulcarshare.com to register for the program. Most members are approved within one business day. If you have a driver's license and meet U-Haul's basic requirements, you can apply for U Car Share membership. Once approved, U-Haul will send you an email letting you know you can begin renting sharing.

2. RESERVE: Choose any car and time. Rates are as low as $4.95 per hour with a low price guarantee. Sign in to your account and reserve either Toyota Prius for any time you wish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You only pay for what you use. You'll start out on U-Haul's Pay as U Go plan, but can upgrade any time.

3. DRIVE: Unlock your car by entering your access code. Get in and go! Each member has a unique access code used to enter the vehicles. Simply enter that into the keypad on the car and the doors will unlock. The keys are tethered in the vehicle at all times. Run all your errands and return the car where you found it.


1. U-Haul PriusA one time $25 fee to sign up for the program, then you can choose rate plans.

2. Pay As U Go Plan:

Questions about the program?

1. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page

2. Call 1.877.990.UCAR

3. Read or watch how it works!

4. Click here to join!