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Human Resources

Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Eckerd College

The mission of Eckerd College is to provide excellent, innovative undergraduate liberal arts education and lifelong learning programs in the unique Florida environment, within the context of a covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

The College expects its students to acquire a broad knowledge of past and present human cultures and of the rich and varied perspectives of different academic areas. The College expects its students to engage intellectually with the enduring questions of purpose, value, and meaning and to reflect seriously on the spiritual dimension of human existence.

The College expects its students to acquire the intellectual depth appropriate to a baccalaureate education in a single discipline or subject, including mastery of a particular body of knowledge and an understanding of its principal modes of inquiry.

The College expects its students to deepen their awareness and comprehension of two central issues: sustaining the natural environment, and fostering cross-cultural understanding and respect for diversity in a global society.

The College expects its students to strengthen their sense of personal and social responsibility for ethical reasoning and action, constructive community engagement, and thoughtful leadership through meaningful participation in campus life and the wider community.

The College expects its students to develop and nurture the intellectual and practical skills that result from a liberal education: critical inquiry and analysis, effective written and oral communication, quantitative and information literacy, and team work and creative problem solving.

The College offers lifelong learning programs consistent with the purposes, content, and values of a liberal arts education.

Pursuant to these aims Eckerd College supports a faculty dedicated to fostering student learning through effective teaching and mentoring, productive scholarship and artistic endeavor, and broad participation in the campus community. Eckerd also supports a staff dedicated to creating an environment that fosters the College’s learning community and supports the students in their intellectual, artistic, and moral development.

The governing board, administration, faculty, and staff share a commitment to sustaining and improving a college community that fosters a strong values-oriented liberal arts education for its students.

Approved by the Board of Trustees

November 15, 2008


Welcome to Eckerd College. We hope that your employment with Eckerd College will be interesting, challenging and enjoyable.

We have written this Personnel Policies & Procedure Manual to answer some of the questions which you may have concerning Eckerd College and its policies. The policies stated in this Manual are subject to change at the sole discretion of Eckerd College. Please note that certain sections may have more direct application to certain positions. For example, several sections apply to faculty rather than staff.

This Manual replaces all prior Eckerd College Personnel Polices & Procedure Manuals, and supersedes any and all memoranda and prior oral description of the terms and conditions of employment.

Your manager, supervisor, other documents of Eckerd College may provide additional information essential to your performance and employment. The materials will be provided to you by management as part of your orientation.

We wish you the best of luck and success in your position and hope that your employment relationship with Eckerd College will be a rewarding experience.

Notice to our employees:

In drafting these Personnel Policies & Procedure Manual, we have avoided the use of specific gender pronouns wherever possible. However, where such avoidance would have led to very awkward sentences, we have used the masculine pronoun. Please consider this as a reference to both genders.