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Parent and Family Relations

Parent and Family Relations

Parent Testimonials

"It has been a pleasure to be a part of Eckerd College. I look forward to seeing it become an ever brighter beacon of capital L learning. Eckerd's leaders have crafted an institution that understands what is required to create life-long learners of its students and to launch them into the world. These graduates will continue to grow and learn and impact the world for good. Everyone working at Eckerd can be rightly proud of their association with the school. We really didn't know what we were choosing when my daughter selected Eckerd. We knew it felt good. Only after enrollment did we begin to appreciate the quality of the vision. We are extremely thankful."
-Susan Joy (P '10)

"Eckerd College has offered our son not only a challenging and enlightening academic experience, but also the opportunity for personal growth and maturity. He has taken advantage of Eckerd's many international programs to travel and study throughout the world. Eckerd College offers an education that goes far beyond the traditional classroom experience. As a result, students leave Eckerd well prepared to function and achieve in the increasingly interdependent and challenging global environment."
- Philip and Victoria Link (P '10)

Rubinos"We feel we benefited tremendously from our four years at Eckerd, and now it is amazing to watch our son, Will, flourish there as well. We feel indebted to Eckerd for the life-changing experience the College continues to give all of us."
- Bill and Leah Rubino '81, '81 (P '11, '13)

"Our son has loved Eckerd since the moment that he first stepped on campus.At the airport coming back for his first Thanksgiving, our normally slightly reserved son said 'I love college... I mean I really love college!' His mentor has been spectacular and the one-on-one attention she has given him has been outstanding. Group projects have both nurtured our son and let him learn to work with others to solve problems and create group ideas. The one thing that our son regrets is that this is his senior year; he would like to start it all over again. The travel to different cultures and the caring that Eckerd gives will stay with him for a lifetime. Eckerd is a life-changing place."
-Paul and Carole McGuire (P '10)

"Our daughter, Meghan is currently a senior at Eckerd College. These past four years have flown by and we are so grateful to Eckerd College for providing Meghan with an outstanding liberal arts and sciences education. She has benefited in many ways from the global perspective that Eckerd has provided. She studied business in China and Spanish in Spain during two separate winter terms. The diversity of the Eckerd students and staff has created in her the desire to live, explore, study and work in the global economy and environment. With the cooperation of her mentor, she was able to literally sail around the world with the Semester at Sea Program, visiting eleven ports and attending classes on the ship during the fall semester of her junior year. This trip gave real meaning to the values, teachings and community culture of Eckerd. She has been a member of the Varsity Sailing Team and is co-captain of the Eckerd College Dance Team. It seems like yesterday that Meghan was visiting colleges, and now she is ready to take on the challenges of the global community. Thank you Eckerd!!"
-Ed and E.J. Mahoney (P '10)

"Prior to our son attending Eckerd College, we did not realize the importance of understanding the philosophy and mission of colleges and universities. We quickly came to recognize how unique Eckerd was in transforming how their students learn. In an ever changing and shrinking world, Eckerd students are guided to think outside the box. They think globally and are presented with opportunities and challenges that they have previously only dreamed about. Eckerd College is a lifestyle."
-Arleen and Gary Pedone (P '09, '12)

Waterfront Luncheon

Commencement 2015

Commencement 2015

Join us for the Commencement of the Class of 2015.

Letter to Families

Letter to Families

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